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Review: Brawl In Cell Block 99

By Cole Henry Genre films are a dime in a dozen these days. The tropes of old have become the harbingers for originality in the modern filmmaking landscape. Yet, like any well that is tapped, it will eventually dry up.... Continue Reading →

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The Importance of Close-Ups In Mr. Robot

By Cole Henry The cinematic close-up shot is usually used to cut from a distant shot to a close up in order to convey a character's emotions in the greater context of the situation whilst hiding surroundings to focus on... Continue Reading →

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How Forza Horizon 3 Helps Me Cope With My Anxiety

By Cole Henry First off, I'm not a very good driver in real life. In fact, there are few things I hate doing more than driving. It is a constant exercise in anxiety management because so much can go wrong... Continue Reading →

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My Moral Dilemma With Middle Earth: Shadow of War

By Cole Henry War, violence, slavery, oppressor vs oppressed, and the snuffing out of light by darkness are all themes handled in Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Some themes are handled well whilst others are introduced, seem intriguing, and then... Continue Reading →

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10 Underrated Horror Movies You Should Watch This Halloween Season

By Cole Henry It is officially the Halloween season and that means horror movies are the only content worthy of consumption during the most fright-filled month of the year.  John Carpenter's Halloween, Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Dario Argento's... Continue Reading →

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Isolation And Environmental Storytelling In Metroid Samus Returns

By Cole Henry A waterway made up of some unknown substance ebbs and flows in the background of some deep, ever spanning alien cavernous region. Dangerous lifeforms go about their otherworldy routines as they inhabit the dangerous, alien planet known... Continue Reading →

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Review: Wind River

By Cole Henry Cold, desolate, and forgotten. These are words that resonate throughout every shot of Taylor Sheridan's directorial debut, Wind River. Taylor Sheridan may be best known for his acting role in the FX biker drama, Sons of Anarchy, but that... Continue Reading →

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My Hardest Boss Battle

By Cole Henry Video games, despite age or genre, usually revolve around some sort of central conflict. That conflict can be as remedial as collecting golden rings/coins in 2D platformers a la Super Mario World or Sonic 3, as intense... Continue Reading →

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5 Great Stories about the Fragility of one’s Psyche during Wartime

By Cole Henry 1) Apocalypse Now (film, 1979) Apocalypse Now illustrates the horror, the absurdity, and the futility of war, but most important it portrays war’s damaging psychological effects. As it charts the characters’ descents into literal and metaphorical darkness... Continue Reading →

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