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My Top 10 Music Videos of All Time

By Cole Henry Music Videos are such a fascinating form of artistic expression so I figured I'd trivialize them and put them in a list. The list itself is in no particular order. BuzzFeed be damned! Common People by Pulp... Continue Reading →

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Free Verse Poetry and a Swamp Thing Poem

By Cole Henry Here are a few pieces of free verse poetry I have written in the last few weeks. They can be found in a .pdf file below. Please enjoy! freeverse:swampthingpoems

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4 Bad Poems

By Cole Henry Seeing as that I am being more open with my writing lately; I have chosen four poems of mine to share. Click the pdf below to enjoy. Thanks! 4 Poems

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A Short Story: A Field in Time

By Cole Henry I wrote a short story so please read it at your leisure, and I hope you find some enjoyment in it. Click below to enjoy it in PDF format. A Field in Time

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Tupelo: A Short Script

By Cole Henry I had to write a short (8-12 page) script for class and I would like to share it. Click the link below for a PDF of the script. Enjoy! Screenplay16

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Addiction, Consumerism, and Capitalistic Consumption in Dawn of the Dead (1978)

By Cole Henry A mall is a homogenous structure in which lucid, gullible, willing people shuffle mindlessly through a platform of capitalistic consumption. Much like a zombie, they just meander aimlessly from store to store, and instead of consuming human... Continue Reading →

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Review: I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

By: Cole Henry I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore is a 2017 genre-less film directed and written by Macon Blair in his directorial debut. His name may be familiar to some because of the acting and writing... Continue Reading →

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The Importance of John Wick for the Action Genre

By: Cole Henry With John Wick Chapter 2 coming to theaters this Thursday I feel obligated to break down why the franchise is immensely important for the action genre, and action film-making in general. John Wick (2014) is directed by... Continue Reading →

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Film as a Sociopolitical Statement and its Importance

By: Cole Henry Film, like all art, can be used to present a specific message or theme to its viewing audience. This message can be very overt or subtle in that only the keenest of viewers will comprehend what the... Continue Reading →

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